Inciting the agile evolution

Agileista - Inciting the Agile revolution is how I first encapsulated what I wanted to achieve through my training and coaching and through my personal Agile journey. I've been on that journey for eight years now and I think I have some things to share with you, come on in the water is lovely

Agileista offers tailored coaching designed to meet the needs of your organisation. With our experienced Agile and ICF accredited coaches you won't just implement an Agile framework, we will coach your people through the change.

We provide coaching in Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and Lean, and we support you with technical practices for Agile teams as well as coaching for full Agile transitions

Our classes and workshops have been designed to make use of the latest research in learning behaviour. In our training we emphasise learning through discovery and simulation with focus on embedded learning outcomes


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